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A simple fun way to send private snaps which only can be read once.

Let the demo speak about itself.


Login :

User : admin
Password : admin


  • Admin
    • Edit website setting
    • See Stats
  • Index
    • Simple Theme with lot of animations
    • 2-step Validation
    • Email Notify
    • Send Directly to Email
    • Caption
    • Timer

The Anonymous Communication System:

Users can send snaps and get a reply without any need to show their emails to each other. making it a lot of fun sending and get replies.


You will receive Main script, German Version and Captcha Version

Don’t forget to make cron job for “admin/clean.php” 24 hours.


(V1.2)Fixed Time’s buttons on mobile devices (Updated 24 May 15 )

(V1.1)Fixed Image size on mobile devices, and switching from landscape to portrait or vise-versa (Updated 28 Jan 15 )